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Department of Rhode Island Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Monuments and Memorials Project
Monuments and Memorials Postcard Collection
Department and Appointed Officers
Dept. Bylaws
Membership Information
Rhode Island Camps
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SUVCW National Home

Elected Department Officers

Department Commander

Senior Vice Commander

Junior Vice Commander

John Duschaneau, PCC


Michael J. Stewart, PCC


Steven Hackett, PCC

Department Council #1

Leo F. Kennedy, PCinC

Department Council #2

Bruce Frail, PDC

Department Council #3

Benjamin Frail, PDC

Appointed Department Officers

Chief of Staff

John A. Connor, PCC

Department Patriotic Instuctor

Doug Dwyer, PCC

Department Chaplain

Alan W. Head

Department Graves Registration Officer and Archivist

Bruce Frail, PDC

Department Historian

Peter Sarazin

Department Counselor

Leo F. Kennedy, PCinC

Department GAR Highway Officer and Eagle Scout Coordinator

John A. Connor, PCC

Department Guard

Mark Ziemba

Department Guide

Joseph Faiola, PCC

Department Color Bearer

Scott A. Reese

Department Memorials & Monuments Officer

Doug Dwyer, PCC

Signals Officer

James P. McGuire, PCC

Assistant Webmaster

Alan W. Head

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